first off my knowledge in C # is at a begginer's level.. and im done at loops and some basic more in my course..i was learning well due to a great proffesor.But he was replaced and i'm not learning any. -.-

but my problem is about classes... i can't seem to learn it right..
do you have any tutorials or advice that i could attain in learning classes.??
about windows app and web app would greatly help

(i've done searching google and i think i'm not finding any relevant answers..or i just don't see it)

i dont want to be spoonfeed because you won't learn anything..
just give me the basics and i will post my updates..

cheers guys.. hope i can get some response
i'll staying up the whole night just to learn this stuff..


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I wrote a tutorial a while back that covers some elements of classes and objects.
Other than that, there is lots of material online if you google it or check out the msdn reference.

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