I'm New User in this forum

I need to simple code in Vb.Net for Open / close USB Port (Windows 7) ...

I'm waiting replay

and Thanks you

PS : I do not know Good the English language

Thanks you
I did not understand this code
do this in VB.Net 2008?
I cannot useing this code
pleas help me

U can Open Window Dialog By Shell

Shell("RunDll32.exe shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL hotplug.dll")

I'm trying to find the way without dialog
now i converting vb to vb.net

Copy This File into your folder
Devcon.exe From Microsoft
And Then use this code

Shell(Application.StartupPath & "\devcon.exe disable *USBSTOR*")

to Disable All USB Storage

Shell(Application.StartupPath & "\devcon.exe enable *USBSTOR*")[/

You can change *USBSTOR* to *CDROM To disable/enable all CDROM Drive or Anything Device ID
*usb\ROOT_HUB* ' I'm Not Sure About This But It Can Change all USB Port

You Need To Extract file first before you use the file
Extract file And Copy The Inner file /i386/Devcon.exe
file to your directory