Hello, everyone.
I have a small program, and i want that program to show how much RAM the whole system is using, and i want it to show how much R.A.M my program is using, any ideas on how to do that? is it hard?

What have you tried so far. We have no problem helping you with code you're having an issue with but we're not going to write the code for you. I can tell you that you can get the system memory with either WMI or with a PerformanceCounter

You know what, I helped as much as you deserve. You cannot just go to forums and ask people to write your code because you're unwilling to attempt it yourself.

hey, I'm a noob, i don't know much code, i tried, but i can't do it so im looking for some help... luckily i found a video on youtube. you don't comment on this thread anymore.