I need a source code of the following program in object oriented programming language..

(turbo c)

write program that will demand password for three time.
after that user can access the data of student of a class by entering name or roll number of the student
Suppose a class has 45 students.

waiting for ur reply..

i shall be thankful to you for this act of kindness..

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A little pseudocode

beginning of loop
   display "Enter your password\n";
   get user keyboard input
   if password is correct then exit this loop
   if this is the third attempt then exit this program,
end of loop

thnxx for ur reply..

can u please explain it further..

how to enter data of 45 students in a programme and then

how to access data of every student by entering roll no..

i have to make t using loops,if statements and arrays..

i will be very thankfull to you if you can post the complete source code which can be executed..



>>i will be very thankfull to you if you can post the complete source code which can be executed..

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Ok, got it done and tested. But be warned that if I give it to you your teacher will know that you didn't write it and you will probably fail the course.

how to use gets and puts in the program?

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