I would like to create a simple program, like a game, but so far without any graphical interface. Only a code, supported with some numbers, so that the user will know whats going on in the background.
I was thinking of creating a racing game (like formula 1 or sometihng similar), with available data (attributes) like:

Driver: age, agility, concentration, experiance, stamina,...

Car: engine, chassis, tyres

Race: weather conditions

I would like to do a code which would simulate the race depending on the attributes I have.

Is there anytihng to start with, any similar examples, any directieves?

I would not like to complicate on the beginning, and any help would be really much appreciated.

3DBuzz.com has a C# series where they make a text-based maze type game, and even add in graphics later on. You can use the exact same principles from that to do what you're trying to do.