Hi there, :)

Its been quite a while now...

since the time I first set out to achieve, what I had, at the time, considered to be improbable if not ..impossible. I'm a bit beyond that now. I've been realizing that , upgrading the processor of a system (even one from '1999)was and still is a conceivable idea..The main problem is how to go about it.
As Far as I'm concerned, although one has searched, one can always search more. But then again, if I've already done a sizeable amount of searching, (without making real progress) and if there IS someone who holds an solution or at least a pointer towards one) and that person is happily willing to provide that, in kindness, then why should I turn aside in self-hate?
So here I am, alas, requesting aid from those who know better than I.

Here is my dilemma, pehaps...some kind person will be able to aid me to approach a solution.

My emachines computer Contains a "
Florida-TG/TGA Micro ATX (ATX V1.2 form factor) motherboard, TriGem,
Korea Intel Socket-370 (370pin PPGA Socket) for Intel Celeron CPUs" I
would like to upgrade from a 500MHz Celeron to something Higher,
However, I don't, at this time, have any idea which processor(s) or
processor adapters i.e."FCPGA2 Tualatin Adapter for Socket 370 FCPGA"
would be compatible with my system. Please, if possible advise me of the
range of processors that are compatible with my e-machines etower 500is

A Few Specs of the chip (I picked 'em up on the web):

CPU: CPU Intel Cel-500 PPGA CPEMIN110798
CPU: Celeron 500 - 500MHz (66x7.5) - 2.0v - (socketed Mendocino) L1 cache-32 L2 cache-128 cache
Bus Architecture: PCI/ISA/AGP
fsb66Mhz 500mhz

Here: This Site may be a big help as well (as far as obtaining specs. goes..trust me I've been there and have been amazed at what I found. well. here it is: http://users.rcn.com/chare/cpu_proc.htm

With Much Gratitude,
Y. H. :D

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I guess it does sound lame with the specs I've got, but please, evaluate the situation,considering, My Battle Plan is as follows:
Upgrade the now"Celeron" based system, as much as possible
Upgrade another "Celeron" based system, [Pavilion 8560c] as much as possible
Build a new Sempron based system ....
for a total of...1 decent and 2, 1/2-decent systems (all running Linux By The Way )

I dont expect upgrades for both (Celeron Based machines) to cost more than 25$ (plus shipping and handling)

P.S. I'm looking at a current budget allotment of - [barely 200.00 US $(at least for now)] I wish it could be more..but..hey its all good

I'm doing alot of parts shopping nowadays on ebay. Im pretty suprised at what people throw around over there.....

Definitely . BANG 4 My Buck. :)

With Much Gratitude,
Y. H.

To All:

I recently wrote to a sales rep from enachines and by some freak accident (at least that's what I assume, considering past experiences with sales reps) I was contacted within 2 days of writing them.

Here's an abrreviated version of what their tech had to say:

The Florida-TG motherboard manufactured by TriGem International
installed in your system supports the Intel Socket-370 (370pin PPGA
Socket) at these speeds: Intel Celeron

You may want to visit the Intel website for updated information on the
fastest processor speed having these specifications. Any upgrades to
other types or speeds of processors that are not listed here will
require that a compatible motherboard also be installed.
I also checked this website--> http://motherboards.org/mobot/manuals/Intel/
and got a manual that said the maximum was 400MHz
And lastly for my other motherboard (from the HP) I spoke to an online rep and got the following info:

Service Rep:
The system is designed to operate with the Intel Celeron Processor running at 400, 433, 466 or 500 MHz.

The microprocessor implements MMX technology and maintains full backward compatibility with the 8086, 80286, Intel 386, Intel 486, Pentium processor, and Pentium Pro processors.

The motherboard is Intel 810 Chipset.
This is my train of thought:
1. Does this emachines know everything about the mother board, is it possible that the Trigem MotherBoard Can take :8086, 80286, Intel 386, Intel 486, Pentium processor, and Pentium Pro processors.
Just like the intel 810Chipset can?

2.out of all the possible choices for upgrade, which cpu would prove to be the most dramatic upgrade?
Please, any feedback or comment, would be greatly appreciated

With Much Gratitude,

1. Does this emachines know everything about the mother board, is it possible that the Trigem MotherBoard Can take :8086, 80286, Intel 386, Intel 486, Pentium processor, and Pentium Pro processors.
Just like the intel 810Chipset can?

Whoa, whoa, going too far back there! That motherboard can only take socket 370 processors - certain Pentium 3 and Celeron CPU models. Pentium Pro and backwards use different socket formats.

What is it you're trying to achieve from this upgrade? From what eMachines has told you, the only "upgrade" is a 533Mhz chip. Hardly worth your while! Even if the board supports something a little faster, I wouldn't look forward to a dramatic performance increase. Those boxes should be left as basic Linux PCs and intended savings directed to a new machine. If you really want to boost them, consider a RAM upgrade, provided you can pick up some compatible sticks cheaply.


I've Already boosted the RAM, and I guess your right, there's not much else to do. Thank You, for putting things in perspective and allowing me to realize that.

O well, I'm off to buy a Mobo. seeya :D

Best Regards,
Y. H.


I'm running a intel 810 based board - MSI-6178 700mhz goes ok but wanted to upgrade to a 1.3mhz same socket 370, should of done the job... :(

One lives in hope! Keep saving.

This motherboard doesn't seem to support much(WOL, PII Cores, WOR!!!) but it's quite expensive still to this day;
Around $45-$200!!! Ouch!
REALLY NICE open source router!!! :twisted:
Anyone know what it's PCI bus supports? I haven't tried to run my PCI 2.3 compliant 802.11b/g cards in it yet. I got a P2 Cored Celeron 333(No Coppermine core) with it's name on it however.

I guess I could use an Intel Pro ISA Network Interface Card(10Mbps) or two(Wired WAN/LAN) then I could use both PCI Slots for the 802.11 cards(Repeater Mode!!!) Good thing ISA faces the opposite way from PCI so I can use all 4 slots in an mATX case!

All I need now is the ISA NIC's...Anyone know of a good parts liquidator near Los Angeles? I don't live near enough to know if there is(Hour Drive).

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