I am interested in converting an amount of pixels into a real cencimenter or inch value.
I´ve read some articles which confused me more that they informed me, so hope you can guide me in the right direction :)

Lets say I have a user input his monitor size (in inches) and his current resolution. Would I then be able to calculate how many inches/cencimeters, lets say a 1000 pixels, would be?

Thanks alot for your time :)

Realistically... if you had the resolution of the screen and the actual monitor dimensions (inside dimensions vertical and horizontal) then you could do a straight ratio conversion.

For example, my resolution is 1680x1050 but I don't have an actual measuring tape handy to tell you the height and width of the "viewable space" of my screen. It's claimed to be a 22" 16:9 ratio screen though so some mathematics would be able to get you there.

The thing is, if you ask just for the "monitor size" that doesn't take into account the variables of whether it's standard size, wide screen, ultra-wide screen... You'd need to at the very least know the 'size', ratio and resolution setting to be accurate in this.

Dunno if that helps or just confuses the issue further :)

Thanks for your answer :)

Yea, it seems like the only most precise and easy (and clumsy) way, is to make the user measure the height and width of his monitor size with a measuring tape, and then calculate the distance.

Thanks :)