When you paste the 3 max AdSense units within a page, AdSense figures out they're on the same page and provides different ads within each spot. Does AdSense automatically start with the topmost ad (per html output) and then deliver lower bidding keywords for the 2nd and 3rd units? Or does AdSense figure out which ad unit is best performing and work off of that?

The reason I am asking is because (in the old days, at least) when AdSense first allowed 3 units per page, if they couldn't deliver enough inventory, they would leave the 2nd and 3rd units blank. However, what about if the 3rd unit on the page is the best performing?

They do it in order of html appearance. There is a short help in adsense about multi unit ads and the best placement of them etc. And yes they still drop them if they cant fill the second and third

Grr, that's what I suspected. But it's frustrating because my third ad unit is the best performing.

cant you change the html and use css to put it where you want? or is it going to be a huge rewrite?
If it is so far ahead of the other two why not drop it to 1 and put your own ads or something in those other two spaces? I have dont that with some sites.. i replaced one google adsense on a page with a google adsense button which performed well. And some other space i sold to sponsors.

That is what I have done already. However, I would much prefer a scalable solution. Something that continually keeps track of how ads perform in various locations and pages on Google's side, and adjusts where to display high bidding keywords accordingly and continuously. I want Google to always know what performs best, and to always display the highest paying keywords there. That is more incentive and motivation as a publisher to ensure my ad spaces perform better, as well.

Google assigns their ads according to your content, if you site has good content and have good traffic as well then your unit will never be empty by google.

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