Asslamo alekom and Hello,
Please tell me how to make a Setup file of VB6 projects.?

walaikum as salam.
use the package & development wizard. location: all programs> vb6> vb6 tools> package & development wizard.
from this wizard select the project and then go ahead step by step.

I made Setup file .when i run this file the following error occurred
"The Instruction at 0x660349be referenced memory at 0x660349be.the memory could not be read.Plz solve my problem.

Zeb, I have resend you the package and your email still bombs out. This is quite a large package, so maybe this is the problem. Did you look at my previous posts (thanks for starting a new thread) and try to resolve your problem?

You either have an infinite loop eating your memory and then crashes the system or some files are way to large for your system to handle. Which is it?

Dear Anderet, I developed an other simple Project for testing ,it is also encountered same problem. what to do.?

Hello Zeb.,
If package & development wizard gives you error then try other install maker. There are many Install maker if you want to buy or else you can download free version of BIM(Bytessence Install Maker), InstallFree Creator etc. that are also very useful tools for making Setup files.

I think Kinwang has the answer. Try another setup program and see if that sorts the error. I have runned your application and setup on my pc without problems, maybe it might be your software (VB6). Is the latest service packs installed?