pls,i need help in inserting a date from a text field using java, to mssql database.
i am getting incorrect date for example when i insert 13/3/2010,i am getting the date
1/3/2011.i want a solution,i've searched a lot but useless.
the code is:

                java.util.Date d; 
                String s;
                d = new java.util.Date(t.getText().trim());
                SimpleDateFormat df =new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy");
                Connection conn = DriverManager.getConnection               ("jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=employee;user=sa;password=moujtaba"); 
                Statement insert=conn.createStatement();
                insert.executeUpdate("insert into constructionmaterial(inward,date,reference) values (15,'" + s + "',1)");
               }catch(ClassNotFoundException cnfe) 
               catch (SQLException sqle) 

According to your date formatter, you are expecting month to come first. 13 is not a valid month.

i apreciate ur respone
even when i put dd\MM\YYYY
i am getting the same is inserting in my mssql a wrong date.
i've tried the 2 cases

You want the date March 13, 2010, right? Try leaving your date formatting as "MM/dd/yyyy" and input the date as "03/13/2010".

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yes kramerd
it worked fine, it inserted it as u give it to me in the database i.e 03/13/2010.
but what if i want the day then month i mean 13/3/2010.
what must i do,bcs when i put it dd\MM\yyyy it is not accepting 13/3/2010 and it is inserting it 1/3/2011

OK, you are printing the date from your java code. So if your date formatter is expecting dd/MM/yyyy and you enter 13/03/2010, is your output statement printing 13/03/2010? If so, this is a MSSQL problem and not a Java problem. If not, then what is being printed?

so what do u think about mssql to format it in the way i want to present day then month then year.

Sorry, I don't know much about MSSQL. Maybe you need to find a different forum that deals with database issues.

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