i need to compile and run my assembly code on windows7 using MasM615..it normally compiles but doesnt created the .exe file..who can help me here please i dont want to run xp...i prefer windows 7 and linux ubuntu...i need solution for ubuntu too..Thanks Guys

If i am reading your post right you need a linker to convert the object file into an executable.
i dont know about windows, but in Linux you use the 'ls' command to link ELF files.

Im guessing when you assemble your getting an object file or '.o' extension file, now in linux you do:

ls myfile.o -o myfile

that will link your file into a file that is executable.

TBH idk the equivalent for windows.

will you kindly guide me for windows 7 all commands to run a .asm program.

print masm a.asm
print ml a.obj