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Hello guys.

I decided to update my Bios but it turned out that wasn't a good idea.

Everything went well until the program itself restarted the Computer, then windows refused to boot :(
I tried booting in safe mode but nothing.
Right now am using Ubuntu 11.04 to access my Windows files because I was Dual-Booting (thank heaven) But I want my Windows back, and I wouldn't want to clean install again, I have way too much stuff and it would take me months to be back to where I was if I clean-installed it.

Am using an Acer Extensa 4230 that has Window 7 32-bit Version and, as I said, am Dual-Booting with Ubuntu 11.04.

any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks guys :)

so it still boots to linux so it must still be a functioning bios ,can you enter the bios and set to defaults,save settings ,then boot to it again and set the boot order to your liking

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My Windows is fine, I tried to set the Bios to defaults but still nothing. I may have to clean install it now.
I didn't make a backup of my files or programs :(

Maybe the boot.ini file got affected.
Go to partition where your windows OS are installed (within ubuntu) and you should see a file with name 'Boot.ini'. Open it and post it's content here.

1. You can repair your Windows 7 boot using a Windows 7 Repair CD (or the the installation DVD) but then the Ubuntu booting will be gone and you will have to repair it later.
So run Windows 7 Repair up to three consecutives times until no errors are reported - this will fix your Windows 7 booting. If there are problems fixing Windows startup use this link

Then you can add an entry for Ubuntu in Windows BCD for dual-booting.

To add an entry for Ubuntu proceed like this: (when in Windows 7)
1. Install "ext3fsd" v0.50 or later run it and map the Ubuntu partition. Copy the file boot.img from /boot/grub folder to c:\. This file contains the needed boot code for Ubuntu.
2. Create an entry for Ubuntu in Windows BCD:
Install the tool "Visual BCD Editor" from Start it and create a "Boot-Sector loader" using shortcut F8(or right click -> new BootSector Loader). Adjust drive and path to point to c:\boot.img. That's it.

Now you will have a dual-boot choice Windows 7 and Ubuntu on startup.


Did you apply a BIOS update from Acer or some other source?

This is important if your installation of Windows came preinstalled...

Acer use System Lock Preinstallation (SLP), like all major OEMs. This basically ties your installation of Windows to only those motherboards configured by Acer. The manufacturer is identified by a string in the BIOS.

If you've overwritten the manufacturer's string, I would expect Windows to become deactivated. However, from past experience, it seems to prevent some installations from booting. Isn't that cool!

If this is the case, here are a couple of simple things you could try:
* Patch your BIOS again with an update from Acer
* Installing a retail version of Windows

Good luck.

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Do you see any error messages? If so post them here please, we need to clarify exactly what is happening.