HI, can anyone help me pls on how to set the paper size of my datareport on printing.
here is my code but it doesn't work. I don't know the reason why it does not work on me.

Printer.PaperSize = 5 'SET TO LEGAL PAPER SIZE
dr1.Orientation = rptOrientLandscape

Help pls..


Try and change the 5 to -

Printer.PaperSize = vbPRPSLegal

AndreRet: i have try your suggestion but still it doesn't work. still the size of the datareport is in letter paper size. Can you any more idea? i really need it badly.. thanks..

Thanks Guys for all your help. After a couple of days in searching to WWW finaly i found the answer.

It was a pleasure. How did you solve the problem?