Hi all, I got a idea!
if you have open source project ideas please share them on this thread.

There are many tons of open source projects out there in the internet.
what here expected is fresher level complex code-bases.

:TODO: requests are welcome.

so the final year students who needed a project can have a idea what kind of
requirements/:TODO: are needed in the opensource world.

--Thanks in Advance--

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Hei, I have planned make Tv-Browser and using Qt, C++ or Python.

And Linux of course :)

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This is a good idea, me thinks. I think I could use more experience developing 'large' projects and working with other people. So if I can, I would like to join/add people to start a open source. What do you think Nic?

As for ideas, I'm not sure yet but I'll get back to this thread, and be on the lookout.

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