I'm trying to send variables from a program in C++ to php for it to process.
Then I want to be able to get the output of the php code.

Is there any way to send variables from C++ to PHP and back?
Maybe using something like POST variables?
I know how to do this in flash, but I was wondering if there is a C++ equivalent.

I'm not hip on the latest web development stuff, but it sounds like you want a CGI script in C++. That could be a good start for research into a solution.

From what I can understand from my research, CGI script is a normal C++ application that is run on the server side?

If that is so, then that is not what I want. What I need to do is to be able to somehow get a application, a game in my case, to send and receive data from my server through php.

I've tried many C++ SQL libraries and I've been totally stumped. So I am now trying alternatives to get my data to my server.

The problem with most of the SQL libraries is that it seems to be saving the data onto a local server and not the remote one, and I also almost always cannot get them to compile.