I'm having a problem with Cosmos in VC# 2008 Express.
I'm trying to get input as int and not string or find a way to convert from string to int.
The 'Convert.Towhatever(string)' gives an error at build process in Cosmos.
Thanks for any help! :icon_wink:

I dunno anything about Cosmos, but doesn't type casting work?

int a= (int)"100";

If not you can solve it controlling first how many characters string has, then using a for loop and handling each character one by one you can find its integer version. You just need to know in which cell char. is located, and ASCII code of it...

Have a good study,

Cosmos isn't currently ready for anything real. They just offer you a working project system to encourage people to donate money or help with the project. It doesn't really let you do anything substantial yet.

Actually Diamonddrake, Cosmos allows for many different areas of development. If you take a look on Youtube you can see some GUI's that people have managed to create that runs on a cosmos based kernel. I myself have just begun development of a business OS for my business and at the stage I'm at can see many areas for development.

I think your statement was a bit harsh there my friend :)