For an array of n int variables,
When does binary search perform better than ternary search??
Also, reverse case, ie when does ternary search perform better than binary search?

Why is binary search a more preferred method of searching for integers entered in an array??

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Why do students keep expecting us to do their homework?

sorry mister. what is it that u guys do here then?

First, Narue is a "ma'am" not a "mister", and what we do is help people with their C code.

You post your code, and say what's not working right, and we try to find out what's wrong with it.

There are homework sites, but this isn't one, "per se". We don't help those who just ask for "the codz", kind of thing. We wind up helping a lot of students, of course.

>what is it that u guys do here then?
It could best be described as not-for-profit tutoring.

okay i'm sorry, 'ma'am'. :O
but it wud b kinda useful if u cud help...

>but it wud b kinda useful if u cud help...
I'm sure it "wud". But that would defeat the purpose of homework, which is for you to better learn the material. Being given answers doesn't teach you anything except how to be helpless.

okay i'v had enuf.
go f urself

We'd rather "f" your intelligence. Or the lack thereof.

fucking smug code creeps...

>okay i'v had enuf.
You asked for it.

>go f urself
Haha! I love it when cheaters get all pissy after being told "no".

Unfortunately, you didn't read the "read me before posting" sticky thread, before posting, and never understood just what it is that we do here.

This is a great resource, but you have to know what it does - and does not - do. Once your understand that, you can use this forum very well for help with questions specifically related to C code.

Unfortunately, we get asked to answer other questions a great deal, by people who could find REAMS of data about the subject, on Google, and have no code issues whatsoever. Many just want the answers, wrapped up with a ribbon - thank you very much.

Civility suffers as a result. (as Narue's sig plainly shows).

ive got a similar issue for a paper im trying to write for my engilsh class...
i cant seem to find a valid argument as to why we are using binary computers insted of trinary computers other than the cost of storage mediums. for a argumentive paper this is really becoming an issue.

on a side not aparently "only when im bored." is not a valid answer to "Are you a spambot?"

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