Hi Team -

do you guys have any idea how to use windows application form controls within windows service ? Actually i want to build reminder application which will show popup message in Tray icon of System within a given time interval. I don;t want on daily basis user run separate application for reminder. Instead if i have window service then at the time when computer starts, windows service also automatically starts and pull the data from database and based on this, it will show popup message in tray icaon of system.

Thanks in advance !!

Hi there,
When you create/open your project, then right click the Service1.cs ( or whatever your service file is) and click show designer. Then you can drag Windows Controls just like any other form.

Hope i helped :)

HI Rohan,

I have similar kind of requirement as of yours, I am sure you must have got solutions for this, I will be grateful to you if you can suggest some code sample, article to achieve this.

Looking forward for your reply.


I am not Sure if it is possible to add controls in a Windows Service.