hi! well, i'm just a beginner in visual basic and i have this problem in coding the calendar control. I want to reserve the dates and store it on a database. so when there will be another reservation, i can easily know if the date is already taken. I don't know how to start the code. please help!

I don't really get what your problem is:

1. Is it the code for the calendar control(w/c is stated above) or
2. On how to check if a date selected in the calendar control has already a reservation.

Anyway, what control are you using? is it a month control?, datepicker control? or frankly speaking, the calendar control ->Microsoft Calendar Control ->MSCAL.ocx

If it's calendar control, then here is my idea...this code is a click event of a button, it's up to you on how you will run this code...

Private Sub Command1_Click()
    Dim rsCheckReservations As New ADODB.Recordset  'this will our recordset object
    Dim holdSelectedDate    As String               'this will hold the selected date from the calendar control
    'get the values of the calendar control...
    holdSelectedDate = Me.Calendar1.Month & "/" & Me.Calendar1.Day & "/" & Me.Calendar1.Year
                        '.Month -> returns the month number
                        '.Day   -> returns the daynumber
                        '.Year  -> returns the year
    With rsCheckReservations
        If .State = adStateOpen Then .Close
        'open the table from the database, this will check if the selected date from the calendar control is free, or reserved.
        .Open "SELECT * FROM tblReservations WHERE date='" & holdSelectedDate & "'", cn, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdText
                                                                                    'cn -> it's the connection string
        'check if there are results.
        If .BOF And .EOF = True Then
            'if there are no results, then process the reservation....
            MsgBox "Date already reserve", vbOKOnly + vbExclamation, Me.Caption
        End If
    End With
End Sub

NOTE: I assume that the field for the date column is a string data type or a varchar(in MySQL),
and the string formating is: MM/DD/YYYY,

if you are using MySQL database, its formating for date data type is: YYYY/MM/DD

Just play around a little bit on how you would represent the dates, since that the month, day and year property of the calendar control are separate values...

Hope this would help...Goodluck :)

ahm i have another question.

what does this mean?

'" & holdSelectedDate & "'

It as variable to hold the full date

holdSelectedDate = Me.Calendar1.Month & "/" & Me.Calendar1.Day & "/" & Me.Calendar1.Year

As the code above, the value of this variable will be the selected month, day and year from the calendar control...

When we open the reservations table (tblReservation), We use the holdSelectedDate as a condition in this SQL statement:

SELECT * FROM tblReservations WHERE date='" & holdSelectedDate & "'"

Here we open the table with a condition, notice the WHERE clause, WHERE clause is used to extract only those records that fulfill a specified condition. This will return only those records that have the same matching date with the holdSelectedDate variable.

This select statement is use to check if the selected date already exists in the table..


Suppose you have five records in your table:
(toggle the code window into plain text for better viewing)

|  ID  |  Customer ID |    Date     |
|  1   |   CUST-001   |  01/05/2010 |
|  2   |   CUST-003   |  06/23/2010 |
|  3   |   CUST-002   |  12/01/2010 |
|  4   |   CUST-005   |  03/18/2010 |
|  5   |   CUST-004   |  09/12/2010 |

if the user selected date is 09/12/2010

when our select statement executes, it will return only one record, since that the selected date has only one matching record from the table.

Sorry, if my English grammar is not that good, though I tried my best to explain as clearly as possible...

so this will mean that the reservation was selected and therefore cannot be reserved again.

I think I got it now. I wish I could play around the code if I started coding.

thanks again. I guess I can understand it now.

and by the way, I think your grammar is just right. I didn't have the trouble understanding it. :)

-yes, you're definitely right.

-oh really? good to hear that!..thanks! :)