Somebody was so kind as to indicate to me an interactive Python learning program.

I started using it, but lost the URL. I cannot find it back in the threads i started.

Can this Python forum member remember me of his suggestion?


Thank you very much, This was indeed the site.

A stimulating experience

Would you guys recommend this to a newbie? I'm having a hard time doing the third exercise and wondering if I should give up on pyschool (Not Python in general).

I am a newbie.

I think it is an interesting way to learn.

I observed though that a few times my solution giving the right solution was not accepted. I simply go on .

I also search the internet to find a solution.
I third approach i takm i start from a language i know (Gui4Cli) to construct equivalnt functions in python.

I am not progressing fast, since time is lacking, though