Ok I have the Hwnd to a particular window I want to work with.
Lets call this windows program the "UNWANTED".

This UNWANTED window has two things I wish to identify it by.
The first one I already have.. which is it's windows handle!
Second.. is what I need to obtain which is the metrics for the window. E.g Width\Height .. I need this first..

SO after I have the metrics for the window lets just say it's 200x, 200y I will write a program that finds this UNWANTED window by title as I already know the title, and will use hwnd = FindWindow("title etc.."); So I will have the Hwnd!
Now My program will need to test for the metrics.. IF this window has 200x, 200y metrics then send WM_DESTROY for this UNWANTED program.

So 1 program gets the metrics which I will hardcode into the Second program that looks for a window that has those matching metrics and closes it!

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