I guess I have two questions (Visual Basic 2010)-

When I run my compiled project, it creates a start menu folder and desktop icon. But there's nothing in the Program Files of my OS. Is it because my project is still small- or something else? Shouldn't it create a folder in the Program Files?

Speaking of creating a folder- I need to create a folder on my C drive when the program is installed, and inside the folder an Excel spreadsheet needs to be deposited (C:\DailyLogs\DailyLog.xlsx). I've been up and down the internet looking for code to accomplish this- maybe I'm not searching right. Can someone point me in the right direction?


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On your setup project, if you click with the alternate buttonon it, then a View /file System menu can be selected.

On this view, verify the 'Application Folder' DefaultLocation property to verify on wich folder is installed your program.

If you really need to add a specific folder, on the left pane, click with alternate button and open the 'Add special folder' / 'Custom Folder'

Set a name for the folder and in the DefaultLocation property put the expected path.

With this custom folder selected, alternate clicking on the right pane, you can add the files to be copied to the folder during the installation.

Hope this helps


Thanks for your reply- so I guess I don't really need to use a third party compiler program to compile my project like InstallShield?


You do not have to, although it is much easier to use third party installers as installshield. Just make use of all their features as in creating folders into specific paths you select as well as naming them as you wish.

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