Hi everyone

i am new in visual basic. net programming. i am facing problem that when i made a file in vb.net and run it on same computer than it runs fine, but when i copy it to another computer where vb.net or .net framework is not installed then it doesn't work. can somebody help me how to run that file without install .net framework

Thnx in advance, i am also new on Daniweb, really nice website

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go to project - > properties -> application files

make sure under publish status everything says include

prerequisites, make sure the windows installer and .net framework are checked and check download prerequisites from the component vendors website

this application is available offline as well(launchable from the start menu)

how are you installing it on the remote computer? (cd, shared folder, etc.)

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thnx dear

but i read something about econo compiler in some forum, i haven't understood what is he asking

his text is

"To run an .net application you should have .net framework installed on the client mmachine.
But still there a way to run .net application without framework, You need to explore the topic of econo compiler, just in time complier. These are compliters that translates .net MSIL code into native windows machine code. The tip : We can .net translate the whole MSIL code into the native code when the application is installed on client machine. Read the MSDN documentation for this."

can you please help me

can you give me a link to the website please

dear may i have you IM ID (Yahoo, msn, skype or ...)


i think the compiler is a virtualization kind of thing
kind of like shu was for adobe flash.
im not really going to get into details with all that,

if the target machine is a windows machine, you should follow the last post on the site with what i posted above. windows machines should have the .net framework anyway ...

you can PM me, im at work dont have a instant message software installed

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