When creating a resume for a programming job, you want to include some source you have written right? I am updating my resume and have added 4 pages of source, is that to much? THanks

I don't think I would actually make them part of my resume, but you will want to submit them as an enclosure or attachment. Just make sure you some how direct the Personnel Manager's attention to the attachment/enclosure. This would generally be accomplished in your resume's cover letter.

Generally, the amount of code you submit would be indicated in an employer's solicitation for applicants.

I'd say don't include it unless they ask for it. They may have a very specific format of how they want it. Follow that format to the letter if it's provided. Otherwise, if they ask for a resume and a cover letter, just give them that. An attachment might not be the end of the world, but it may also get lost in the shuffle, particularly if it's an unsolicited resume to the HR department.

It doesn't hurt to add a line like:

Please see http://www.MyProgrammingPortfolio.com for examples of my code.

to your cover letter. But putting actual code samples in the actual resume would be a definite mistake.