Hi everyone! I have an installment payment program which have Hijri date (Saudi Arabia) and I already have the code for it's converter inside the forms (using datetimepicker for the Gregorian & maskedtextbox for the Hijri). I'd like to know how can I convert or produce the corresponding equivalent Hijri dates of a series of Gregorian dates generated in my table? I am using SQL query for this. This triggers when I click my Save button for the computation of the premium terms of the customer having an installment payment plan for an item bought. Is there an SQL query to convert Gregorian dates saved into Hijri dates to an Access table? By the way, I am not using any SQL server or Oracle, I use only plain VB.Net 2008 & MS Access 2003/2007. Hoping for helps and thank you in advance!!! :)


As I mentioned I already have the code where it displays the Hijri/Gregorian (vice versa) conversion in my forms. What I need is to convert them and save also the corresponding equivalents in the Hijri date column in my Access table. Thanks for the reply though..! :)

From my knowledge there is no direct support for Hijri dates inside ACCESS. The best way is to save them into text form of CCYY-MM-DD.

You must write yur own functions in ACCESS to manage such dates as all the 12 months are 28 days each.

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