Hi everyone,

I have a rather silly question to ask so please bear with me.

What is JDIC??
Is it part of J2SE??
If not will it be part of J2SE in the future??
What is the purpose of JDIC and what role it plays in software development??

Any help is greatly appreciated

Thank You

Yours Sincerely

Richard West


"JavaDesktop: The JDIC Project [new window][frame][cache][preview][close preview][clusters]
Introducing JDIC Desktop Integration for Java Applications June 1, 2004 Sun has launched the JDesktop Integration Components ( JDIC ...
www.javadesktop.org/articles/jdic/index.html-Lycos 2, Wisenut 2, Ask Jeeves 2, MSN Search 3"

"George Zhang's Blog: Where's JDIC Going? [new window][frame][cache][preview][close preview][clusters]
... of JDIC apps since all native code required will then be part of J2SE. The JDIC team is proposing to include a couple of JDIC features into J2SE 6.0 (Mustang) or 7.0 (Dophin). JDIC APIs have an ...
weblogs.java.net/.../archive/2005/03/wheres_jdic_goi.html-Wisenut 3, MSN Search 7, MSN 9"

10 seconds in a search engine :)