Delphi has been always a preferred technology to develop desktop based applications, but now we can develop browser based application using Delphi component.

Transition to browser based easily using Delphi coding
Easy debugging
Ajax Techniques
Full cross-browser applications
We can host it on Apache

If you are you looking forward to enhance your existing Delphi applications or convert them to browser based, please get back to me for more details.

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Pooja Agarwal

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No its not Java. There is a Delphi component which is used to convert an application into webbased.


I understand. That's why I say it is better to write in Java. This language better solve any problem for the web. Better to spend time learning a new language, doing poorly performing interlayer.


But how about the old application, one should dump it ? We can use new innovations and enhance it in same language.

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It all depends on the application. It is often better to rewrite the entire program in another language. I have been programming in Delphi for 10 years. I say this based on experience. Any special language (Java or PHP or other) will cope with this task better. The code will be easier and shorter. There will be fewer mistakes. Of course at Delphi also it can be done.
Imagine if you were going to rest on the sea on the truck. You certainly will reach, but the car trip will be more enjoyable. :)

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