As Homework, we had to do the most boring thing known to Mankind, Mathletics.
It is so easy.
Mathletics links to live Mathletics where you have to answer as many Math questions as possible in 60 seconds. Later on, I found that Mathletics could be used as a challenge. My record for level 3 is 127!
So I started to design my Mathematics calculating bot, but I have trouble with the code!
Could someone give me a tutorial on how to do it?
I am pretty sure you need pytesser to recognize the equation and SendKeys to type the answer and click enter! I am using python!

And I can't seem to add pytesser to the python modules.
Could you help me with this to?
I would really appreciate this.

PS: Sorry is it too much!

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I am trying this too, now that you've mentioned it.Btry using "json" module to read the JavaScript values from the site
I have given I'm on pytesser since I can't even install it so it works
hope this helps

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