I've a project that makes use of TChart. In my previous machine, it compiles properly. But when I tried compiling it on a new machine with a clean install of Delphi 5, the following error occurred:

[Fatal Error] File not found: TeeConst.pas

This happens even if you just create a new application, drop the TChart component and run it.

The thing is, TeeConst.dcu is right there in ${DELPHI)\Lib; and this directory is defined in the Library Path.

I think Delphi really makes reference to the library path because if I remove TeeConst.dcu, the error changes to:

[Fatal Error] File not found: TeeConst.dcu

And if I put it back, it will now search for TeeConst.pas.

I've already tried clearing all Delphi registries and reinstalling Delphi5, to no avail. I've even tried searching for other occurrences of teeconst and there is none.

Really appreciate any help.


Just found the cause, it turned out that the timestamp of the related DCUs were different. My only guess is that the design component of TChart was compiled with a different set of DCUs.

Anyway, it worked after I replaced all related DCUs in $(DELPHI}/Lib with a different set.

For future reference.