I think I got your idea. Say for instance, your login form name is frmlogin and the main form is frmMain.
The code will be;

'-----this code should be inserted in frmlogin when the password is correct
frnMain.kryptonLabel22.text = usernameTextbox.text

Please let me know if it helped you. I am markdean.


because of this code ur whole application is close use me.hide() in place of me.close()

Now i understand ur question but u have to also define where u get trouble or error in doing this

Any try this if u get any more problem please explain ur point of with ur work i.e., what do for that.
Best Of Luck.

If you want the label to change when you login then you can do it conditionally

If loginsuccess = true then

lblkrypton22.text = "admin"

end if

Something like that? Not sure if i fully understand what you're trying to achieve.

- Jordan

thanks @markdean.expres

i simply put the wrong code. i put
username.text = form3.label.text,

thats why nothing happen. thanks.

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