I'm having the following problem and can't find a solution:

I have an app with four combo boxes, each of which gets its selection list from tables in a database. Each table has a form that can be used allow the user to populate that table. I have one Combo Box that isn't acting right.

When I run the program, everything works; I can populate the lists, and select items from the list. When I save the record, this one rogue combo box is updated, but if I close and run the app again, or if I navigate to another record and come back, that same combo box is empty, though all the other fields are still populated.

I'm using an Access database, and I've checked it, the databindings, the properties for the combo box and its bindings...etc
I can't find anything that would account for this.

Anyone have any ideas?

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Sorry, I should have provided code.

Out of frustration, I have removed that combo box from the application. What I'll do, is work on it again this evening and put it back. If I have the same problem, I'll post the code.

Right now, I'm off to church!

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