Could anyone help me.....
My instructor give me an assignment and i don't know how to start
and i should submit it in nextweek
so can you think with me and help me to know way?????
this the Question-->

Consider the following description an account in a bank management system. An
account is identified by an account name and an account number, and is characterized
by its holder (first and last names, address, date of birth, nationality), creation Date,
current Balance, available Balance, Account Type (saving, checking, foreign currency),
Account Status, and its Capacity.
1- (20 marks) Describe this using the C++ struct data type. Make sure to use
nested structures as much as possible, minimum of three levels.
2- (80 marks: 20marks/method) We want t o implement a simple application that
manages accounts. You are asked to develop a C++ application that uses an
array in order to store all information regarding the flights, using the structured
account type defined in 1). You should provide a menu with the following options:
Account Management System (CSC301, Fall2010)
1- Create a new account
2- Delete an account
3- List all accounts
4- Check if a particular account exists based on its number
5- Quit
Your choice? __
In order to help you please use the following partial C++ partial code which prints
the menu.

void DislayMenu(){
cout<<"Account Management System (CSC301, Fall2010)"<<endl;
cout<<"1- Create a new account"<<endl;
cout<<"2- Delete an account"<<endl;
cout<<"3- List all accounts"<<endl;
cout<<"4- Check if an account exists based on its number"<<endl;
cout<<"0- Quit"<<endl;
int UserMenuChoice(){
int choice = 1000;
while(choice > 4) {
cout<<"Your choice (0, 1, 2, 3, 4)?";
return choice;
void CreateAccount(){
// To be completed
void DeleteAccount(){
// To be completed
void ListAccounts(){
void SearchAccount(){
// To be completed
int main(int argc, char* argv[])
int userChoice;
do {
userChoice = UserMenuChoice();
switch (userChoice) {
case 1: CreateAccountt(); break;
case 2: DeleteAccount(); break;
case 3: ListAccounts(); break;
case 4: SearchAccount(); break;
default: cout<<"Thanks for using CSC301's Account
managenment System. Good Bye.";
}while (userChoice != 0);
return 0;

Please , i need help
it is fisrt time to me ..........
heh heh ...

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