well i tried to execute the following code..

void main()

but it did not execute the system command... what went wrong??

plz mail me at [email]prajwaludupardx_369@yahoo.co.in[/email]

i have also trouble in running the dos commands in turbo c++ . when i compile it everything goes wright . but at the time of execution it shows blanks screen not any dos commands. Atually Borland turbo c++ do not support dos commnads beside you can use "dev c++" to execute dos commands.

IIRC, it worked just fine. You aren't seeing output because of the way Turbo C/C++ initializes the console output.

The problem is that you are doing something wrong. Are you trying to get a directory listing? Or just show it to the user?

system() command used here should generate desired output for dir, And i agree with Duoas as per output on console is concerned.

Though to validate system call functionality, one can try to redirect the output to a file.

void main() 
system("dir >>test_dir.lst");

check 'test_dir.lst' for the desired output.

dos command using the system() function not works while run the code. make exe and run that one by doule click. it will works !!

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