Write a program that will determine the additional state tax owed by an employee.
If the state charges a 4% tax on net income determine net income by subtracting a $ 500 allowance for each dependent from gross income. Your program will read gross income number of dependent and tax amount already deducted. It will then compute the actual tax owed and print the difference between tax owed and tax deducted follow by the message. "send check" or "refund" depending on whether this difference is positive or negative.


Where are your efforts ? :) First post what ever you have tried so far for this problem then we will help to correct that.

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using namespace std;
int subtraction(int a,int b)
    int r;
int main()
    int Z_rand;
    int ZzZz_percents;
double ncome;
int Percents(int ZzZz_percents);
    cout<<"enter amount:";
    cout<<"Z_rand = "<<Z_rand<<"   ";
    float ncome,tdd,gncome=500;
    tdd== ncome-gncome;
    cout<<"tax deducted:"<<tdd;
    cout<<"tax onwed:"<<ncome;
    cout<<"send check";
    return 0;

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hey guys heres my idea. i want to get the 4% of the income to subtract $500 of dependnt gross income,mm very confuse. im a newbie in programming pls help me. tnx.

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