Could someone help me put the following C++ in correct order.

The statements in the following program are not in the correct order. Rearrange the statements so that hte program outputs the total time an employee spent on the job each day. Th program asks the user to enter the employee's name, arrival time and departure time. The program will also allow the user to run the program as long as the user wishes.

Here is the code:


using namespace std;

int main()
string employeeName;
int arrivalHr;

int departureHr;
int departureMin;
bool departureAM;

char response;
char discard;
char isAM;

cout << "This program calculates the total time spent by an "
<< "employee on the job." <<endl;
cout << "To run the program, enter (y/Y): ";
cin >> response;
cout endl;

while (response =='y' || response == 'Y')
cout << "Enter employee's name: ";
getline(cin, employeeName);
cout << endl;

if (isAM == 'y' || isAM == 'Y')
arrivelAM = true;
arrivelAM = false;

cout << "Enter departure hour; ";
cin >> departureHr;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter departure minute; ";
cin >> departureMin;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter (y/Y) if departure is before 12:00PM: ";
cin >> isAM;
cout << endl;

if (isAM == 'y' || isAM == 'Y')
departureAM = true;
departureAM = false;

cout<< employeeName << endl;
timeOnJob(arrivalHr, arrivalMin, arrivalAM, departureHr, departureMin, departureAM);

cout << "Enter arrival hour: ";
cin >> arrivalHr;
cout >> endl;
cout << "Enter arrival minute: ";
cin >> arrivalMin;
cout << endl;
cout << "Enter (y/Y) if arrival is before 12:00PM: ";
cin >> isAM;
cout << endl;

int arrivalMin;
bool arrivalAM;
bout << "Run program again (y/Y): ";
cin >> response;
cout << endl;
return 0;

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Here's two hints in one: it's important to declare and give variables a meaninglful value before trying to use them.

It would be much easier to read and decifer if indentation guidelines were followed.

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