Hi all

If I am at the wrong place please excuse as I am new at this IT Discussion Community.

My problem is that I want to convert an application that is written in VB6 to VB.NET using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008. The conversion completes but there are compile and run time errors, as expected because it is after all out dated coding.

Can anyone perhaps assist me in this matter, because I really could use some assistance.


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There is no easy way. Mostly just a few very small applications can be directly converted.

As an starting point you can read this even is written on 2005

Hope this helps


Hi thanks for the reply.

I read the article you listed in your post and it was very interesting, yet useful. I found a software called Visual Basic Upgrade Companion 4.1 developed by ArtinSoft, but it is a trial version that only allows 10 000 lines of code and I have 17 053 lines. Do you perhaps know of a site where I can get the full version?


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