Hi I saw someone asking for this same program but int he C++ thread. I need some help but using VB.net. Here it goes

Develop a program that determines if a department store customer has exceeded the credit limit on a charge account. For each customer, the following facts are available.

a) Account Number
b) Balance at the beginning of the month
c) Total of all items charged by this customer this month
d) Total of all credits applied to this customer’s account this month
e) Allowed credit limit

The program should input as Integers each of these facts, calculate the new balance (= beginning balance + charges – credits), display the new balance and determine if the new balance exceeds the customer’s credit limit. For these customers whose credit limit is exceeded, the program should display the message, “Credit Limit Exceeded.

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Hi there,

What are you asking for?

The actual Code?

It looks very simple...

Try it on your own and later on if you have problems send your code and you'll get help.

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