Hi I am doing a game design course and am in my last year. The title of this thread is the title I have chosen for my final year project. My aim is to produce a program that will mimic the effects of weather conditions on a model in an effienct and realistic way. So for example when an avatar is running in an open world and the weather changes from sunny to cloudy I would like to create a visually realistic transition between dry and wet. The clothes should get heavier and darker and maybe the movement more difficult (shivering?).

So to get to the point - At the moment I am still searching for a starting point to kick things off. Does anyone know how it has been attempted in industry so far? Are there any tutorials or papers that I could read and attempt to gain further knowledge? Are there any games in which this transition has been done well that I could play through? And in your opinion is C# the right way to go?!

So many questions so little time!