Hi, I've been looking for an avatar generator/maker script, does anyone know of one?

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I have not seen one. What do you envision such a script doing exactly?

Hi! I am working on one here: URL SNIPPED

But I am looking for help, I plan on letting people customize it more by choosing there own borders from a few provided along with an image transparent image overlay and to be able to style it more. If anyone can help me with this or any ideas please post a reply here or contact me at: SNIPPED (do not use i.e. if you want to be able to read the text on that site) or SNIPPED
Also I'm looking for more styling examples to see using php's image fuctions.


I know this is an old thread, but I noticed it in Google.
I have available an avatar maker script which can be either
HOSTED for free

The hosted solution generates a javascript file as you set the values.


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I want / am trying to make it open source, something in php and it has to be

ANd an avatar, not just some anime image, an avatar is usalluy in a small box

Not a problem.
Most free avatar makers usually get discontinued unfortunately.

My script was refined over 6-12 months.
I made it freely available as a hosted service.
Originally you could not buy it, but after a few emails I finally decided to allow others to use it, so I started to sell it.

And yes, it can be used for avatars.


So if you wish to save yourself the time and use a codeset that was stress tested to handle 150,000 people a day.

Otherwise if it's just a school project, you can research all that stuff on the net and eventually build an avatar maker. It just takes time.

have fun

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Thank you, a fewI have been trying to do...


and I'm just trying to figure out some more php code to kind of liek add an image on toop of an image , etc.

Ok where is the PHP for it/

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