*hi there guys im new in this forum...i need your biggest help in my project....in java
here's the input and output...:*

Passing Score: 50%
Input: Raw Score
Output: Grade
74-below : Sorry you failed!
75-80 : Keep up the Good Work!
81-85 : Good Job!
86-90 : Great!
91-95 : Excellent!
96-100: You're a Genius!

*it also includes the following:*

exam 60 pts. equivalent
project 50 pts. equivalent
assign. 50 pts. equivalent
notebook 50 pts. equivalent

exam 30%
project 30%
quiz 20%
assign 10%
notebook 10%
grade 10%

*here's the formula capable for all:*

raw score * 50 + 50 = 50%

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Your project's description doesn't make much sense. But if you want to start, just create a method that takes as argument the score and by using if statements return the result.
Then call that method from the main. Search for examples on how to read input from the keyboard using the Scanner class and post some code

exam 30%
project 30%
quiz 20%
assign 10%
notebook 10%
grade 10%

This part causes the confusion for the whole explanation... They don't add up to 100%; besides, where should quiz go into? How many points in it?

I assume that you need to input grades for each of those: exam,project, assignemnt,....
Then based on those grades print the description:

exam: 60, Sorry you failed!
project: 81, Good Job!

For more information about the calculations ask your teacher. Also please post the full description of your project.

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