Hey! I'm looking for advice!
I'm a student and I need to make a system for a real client, no hw, no BS, for real people who really gonna work with it.

so I'm trying to decide which programming language to use, I thought of C# (even though I don't know it yet) but I just want to get opinion from someone who knows about developing an information system from scratch before I make decisions.

so in short this system suposed to import private data(details about people) from other DBs and run queries/make reports etc..it will be used by 5-6 people, most of them want to be able to use it not only at the office but also to have access from their laptops /at home.
I have no idea about how to do such a thing, the closest thing I ever did is to make a DB in SQL server and connect it to Access interface but EVERYTHING was done on 1 computer and it never left it. so I'm very lost about all this public database and access from home and so on, I have many questions as you can imagine but the basic 1 is, should I even use C#? or maybe I should do a site using HTML but then how do I secure the privacy of the DB?

any advice would be appreciated!!!
if you need more details please ask

You can do it either way (and even use C# as the code behind your HTML pages). You can secure access to the DB by requiring userid/password to access the database. If you go the HTML route, you'll have to learn more :)

If you have specific implementation questions, don't hesitate to ask.