Hello people.
Im having a problem with this.
I want to create an exe from my own exe.
For example in my exe you can put "name: " "haircolor: ". So when yo click ok, this exe make the exe2.
So when i open exe2 it shows a messagebox showing "your name is NAME and your hair color is HAIRCOLOR".
Basically, exe1 is use to configure the parameters of exe2.
Who can i do that ?

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Use classes from the System.Runtime.Emit namespace to create an executable on-the-fly.

Yes i have seen the compiler of c# but i need another .cs.
So its the same, i need to change some parameters of that .cs from mi main app, and the compile. Its possible this ?

You could easily create a cs file to match your needs dynamically and save it to a temp file, pass the file-name to csc.exe then delete the temp file. That's one possible way.

Finally what im doing is, add the exe like a resource and that exe read parameters of an ini put as resource also.
But im having a problem changing resource on the fly, im will post the problem.

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