hey guys, I know that in VB data can be taken from an access database then displayed in a flexigrid and I was just wondering is it possible to display the same data in a series of labels rather than a flexigrid as I was thinking about doing this for a sudoku game I am making?


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Don't see why not. To make referencing the labels easier, consider creating a control array. Also, I'd consider handling the data between the whatever DB access method you use and the controls, as a user defined type. This will seriously reduce the amount of typing you do in the code window!

BTW my 'other half' is a sudoku addict & would love to see the finished result...


Thanks for your advice. It will probably take me a few weeks as I am new to VB and am just doing this in my spare time but as soon as it is complete I will put it up here.

Thanks again.

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