some one help me with visual basic bus management system please

Tyras, please read our posting rules carefully. Although you are a new member, you should know that we have no idea what your real question is by just supplying us the above -

with visual basic bus management system

. Did you start the application as yet?
are you using VB6 or VB.Net?
What database are you using, access, sql, mysql?
MOST IMPORTANT... What did you do this far? Are you getting errors in your code and where?

See, with the above information supplied, I'm sure we can help you to a positive solution.

I have started the application which should be able to manage the operations taking place in a bus company to aid in daily returns calculations,franchise, hire.Am using vb6 and access as a far sooo many errors are occurring for example cannot find library or project

What library are you looking for?
If you say you can not find your project, is it the one you have started? It saves the project in its default folder, Program Files/Visual Studio/VB98. Search around there, i was saved as default if you did not specify a certain folder. You can also open it from VB6 when starting vb6. Click on the "existing" tab, your app will show up there as well.