Help me with this Simple Problem using structure in turbo C.

Basic Program

The Problem:Using structure

1) Consider the given data in the student Class Record
a.) Enter for the name of the student and student number (10students).
b.) Enter the class standing and prelim exam.
c.) To Compute for prelim grade:
PG= (CS+PE)/2
d.) Enter the Class Standing for midterm and midterm exam.
e.) To compute for midterm grade:
MG= (PG+CS+ME)/3
f.) Enter the class standing for final and final exam.
g.) To compute for the final grade:
FG= (MG+CS+FE)/3
h.) Remark the final as Passed or Failed.
2.) After performing the inputs and computations arranged the
students name according to their alphabetical order.(Z-A).

pls help me make this problem into program using C,

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So... You put your homework assignment directly in the thread, say "please", and we're supposed to do your homework for you? I don't think so. At least read the problem, find what you don't understand, and ask thoughtful questions about it. Such as: "I can't figure out how to read input. Can someone show me how to read user input from a command line?", "How do I sort records from Z to A?", or even "I haven't done a single bit of homework for this class yet, so I have no idea where to even start. Can someone point me to some good tutorials so I can learn how to write and compile C programs?"

Any of those types of questions would not only help us know what you are having problems with, but it allows us to actually help you rather than just giving you your entire assignment.

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