Does anyone know of some code analysis tools (add-ins) for VB6? I used to use checkstyle and some other tools for Java, and am looking for something similar for our VB6 project. There is a huge codebase, and as I'm just starting out in VB coding, I'd like advice from some experienced users before downloading stuff willy-nilly. Also, if anyone can suggest a good bug-tracking/call management system for VB that would be welcome too.

Any suggestions appreciated.

Smart Bear is quite a nifty tool to use. You can download it for a trial period here.

Project Analyzer is also nice to use, find it here.

Thank you, I'll give those a try. Do you happen to know of any free ones?

thanks, that's a real help - for the moment I just want it myself - perhaps I can convince the company to buy something in the future :)

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