After installing the VS 2008 , i created projects both console and windows forms....and also had run successfully...........

The problem is ..when i restarted my pc...and try to run that projects again......and also created new projects and had run....the following error message occurs......

Error while trying run project : could not load file or assembly 'WindowsFormApplication1' or its dependencies. The module was expected to contain an assembly menifest.

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Not yet............
All the files saved to the VS 2008 Projects default directory..

I have also formatted...after installing windows...i also installed VS 2008...all the projects run successfully....but after rebooting windows the above error occurs again....

When i tried to run the default exe file....it says :
the application was unable to start correctly(0xc000007b).Click ok to close the application.

Is this a problem of :

1 : Windows Installation CD is affected by Win32 virus.

2 : VS 2008 is affected by Win32 virus..

Please solve this..


Try completely rebuilding the application, and then rerunning it.

Also, is this machine connected to the internet unpatched? It could be a virus, then.

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