Hey guys,

Does anyone have a simple program which can be compiled on visual studio 2010 for windows that opens a socket to a given webpage and allows you to read the html just as you would with a local file? I don't want a html parser, I just wish to be able to place a pointer on the start of the webpage and read.

I have tried libcurl and I just cannot get it to compile and I do not understand enough about networking to use winsock. I would really appreciate some help.


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No, there's two different things. Libcurl is the library, which understandably probably takes some tweaking to get running. Curl is the executable program that same site puts out as a binary (which their code is probably based on Libcurl). No need to compile or write anything. Sorry it's so confusing, but there's a mixture of binaries and source on that page I gave you.

http://www.paehl.com/open_source/?CURL_7.21.2 is a direct link to a page of someone who has compiled the binaries for Win32. If you feel more comfortable going from the curl site, on the page I gave you scroll down to Win32 Generic and the first 2 links go to url above (make sure they say "binary" in the next column).

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