Hey guys I've tried searching the internet for an answer on this and have come up short. I was hoping someone that does this could help me out setting it up.

I want to write C++ using Mac OS. I tried going the Xcode route but found Xcode to be a massive (awesome) but massive program, that was easy for me to screw up.

I know that there's a way to do it using Terminal and the g++ option. But I do not understand really how to set it up, or the particular rules I need to follow.

Can I code standard C++ using terminal so that when I test it it will compile and run properly?

For the class I'm taking we're using Microsoft Visual Studio Express 2010 and I'm using the tutorials from C++ Reference as a teaching tool since I find the Deitel textbook overly detailed and not direct to the point.


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Well thanks I'll keep looking.

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