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Not sure this is the right forum, but I have a Visual Studio question.

I am used to using code::blocks as an IDE. My current instructor likes to use Visual Studio 2008, so I am trying to adjust. One big difference I have found is that when a program does not compile in code::blocks, the line where the error occurs is given in the console, along with the error. I can then click on the error in the console, and the editor will jump to the line with error.

Is this an option in Visual Studio? Visual Studio's error output does not seem to be nearly as user friendly.

VC++ does the same thing. Just click the error message and the cursor will be moved to the offending line in the editor.

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I must not be in the right view because when I click on the error message, nothing happens.

You need to double click the error message.

You need to double click the error message.

I am looking at the "solution explorer" and I do not have the ability to click on the error message. I feel like I am in the wrong view?

This is when I build. Not run.

Here is what you should be seeing. Notice the error messages appear in the Output window. If you do not see the Output Window then select menu View --> Output and enable it.

I see it now. Thank you. I had been in the right view the whole time.

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